Motorcycle Fatalities In Colorado Springs On The Rise.

Daniel Noffsinger - Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last month, a motorcyclist riding near the intersection of Pikes Peak Avenue and Union Boulevard died after the rider crashed into another car . According to the Colorado Springs police, the motorcyclist operated his vehicle at a high rate of speed as he ran through a red light.

Unfortunately motorcycle fatalities and accidents occur far too often in Colorado Springs and throughout Colorado. In fact, it appears that over the past few years, motorcycle fatalities are only becoming more common in Colorado Springs.

Motorcycle Fatalities Have Risen Over the Past Two Years

As of November 2014, Colorado Springs had experienced more than 50% of the number of motorcycle crashes that occurred during 2013. So far in 2014, there have been 12 motorcycle fatalities in Colorado Springs . In 2013, there were eight motorcycle fatalities in Colorado Springs. In 2012, in all of El Paso County, there were 11 motorcycle fatalities.

What can be blamed for the rise in motorcycle fatalities? And, why does El Paso County have one of the highest motorcycle fatality rates in the state? According to experts, there is no one specific reason for the increase in motorcycle fatalities in Colorado Springs. One significant factor, however, is the lack of motorcycle training and safety gear. Seven of the motorcycle fatalities involved riders who were not wearing helmets.

Maile Gray, executive director of Drive Smart Colorado, discounted that the large number of military personnel in the community play a factor. According to Ms. Gray, “[o]ur military neighbors really have very strict rules that their personnel, if they're going to be a motorcycle rider, need to follow."

Motorcycle fatalities could be on the rise simply because there are more motorcycles on the road than previous years. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, motorcycle registrations in El Paso County have risen. In 2010, there were 5,416 motorcycles registered, and in 2012, there were 6,389 motorcycles registered.

Colorado Springs Seek Ways to Make Roads Safer

In response to the increase in motorcycle and car fatalities, Colorado Springs engineers and the police department are taking efforts to make the roads safer for motorists. Officials are focusing on Colorado Springs' most crash-prone intersections and interchanges .

Often, a high rate of crashes in a particular area is simply due to traffic volume and human error, but that is not stopping the city from looking at ways to reduce crashes. City Transportation Manager Kathleen Krage said that city engineers are always identifying possible ways to improve road safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents. For example, city traffic engineers are constantly examining speed limits to see if the speed is safe for the design of the road.

Also, the Colorado Springs Police Department's motorcycle unit is focusing its efforts on targeted areas. Colorado Springs police Lt. Scott Schwall said the unit focuses on “school zones, neighborhood complaints and a list of 50 top crash locations compiled by the crime analysis unit.”

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