What Is a Legal Separation In Colorado?

Daniel Noffsinger - Saturday, November 15, 2014

What is a legal separation and how does it differ from divorce? This is a common question that individuals have when going through the divorce process. Under Colorado law, legal separation and divorce are nearly the same. The main difference between the two is that following a legal separation, a couple is still “married,” which means that if either spouse wants to remarry then the couple will first need to seek an order with the court to dissolve the marriage. This can be done no earlier than six months after entry of a legal separation decree. If, during the proceedings, one party objects to the legal separation, they can convert to a divorce case instantly.

A legal separation and divorce, however, both resolve issues regarding property distribution, support and parental responsibilities. For a variety of personal reasons, a couple may choose to proceed with a legal separation as opposed to a divorce. Reasons most commonly relate to benefits, such as health insurance, or military retirement. At times, a party may simply seek a legal separation rather than a divorce to “soften the blow” commonly attached with the filing of a dissolution of marriage.

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