Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge is accompanied by a vast array of emotions. Many of the things you once took for granted are at stake - your liberty, your family, your livelihood and your reputation. The outcome of your case can impact your life for years to come. When selecting an attorney to defend your rights, you must choose an experienced lawyer who understands the layers of the legal system. You need someone who understands the system and is not afraid to be aggressive to protect your rights.

The goal of law enforcement is to uphold the law by arresting people suspected of committing a crime. All too often, however, police reports only contain one side of the story. The goal of the prosecutor is to convict people believed to have committed crimes and generally, the facts the prosecutor have are contained in that one-sided police report. Again, when only one side of the story is told or known, your risk of conviction goes up substantially.

Daniel is a former prosecutor and skilled litigator with tremendous trial experience. You will receive personal attention, and customized management of your case that takes into account your comfort level with various outcomes. You will be treated as an individual with a specific and unique set of circumstances and desired outcomes, not just a number.

Noffsinger Law takes a cost-effective approach that looks at the details of your case and doesn't unnecessarily charge you to achieve the best possible outcome. We will avoid expensive avenues that are unlikely to result in a more favorable outcome. And remember, FREE initial consultations on all criminal cases.

Common questions regarding Criminal Defense...

How do you charge for criminal defense cases?

Criminal cases are all very detail specific when determining the appropriate amount to charge. I always try to be fair to the client and ensure they are getting competitive quotes in the community. A standard 'vanilla' DUI, for example, will usually start at around $3,000, which is commensurate with a 'good price' in the community. Although you can certainly find DUI attorneys for $10,000 and up, that usually is not something that the average consumer has budgeted for. Clients who have additional facts, such as DUI with hit and run, or someone who is on their 4th DUI, will likely be quoted differently. Similarly, a homicide case will not be quoted the same rates as a DUI or misdemeanor.

What is your experience & background with Criminal Defense?

My first experiences with law were in criminal law. During law school I interned with the District Attorney's Office in Harrisburg, PA. My first job out of law school was at the El Paso County District Attorney's Office. I handled thousands of criminal cases and conducted dozens of criminal jury trials.

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