Family Law

Noffsinger Law provides representation to individuals engaged in disputed family law matters involving sophisticated financial estates, unique business and personal interests, and contested custody issues. Our goal is to seek just and equitable results while attempting to preserve the integrity and sanctity of the family, both during the process and in the future. We understand that each case is a personal matter and therefore we treat each client's situation with the utmost discretion to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Our services are like none other in the area and we are able to handle virtually any issue that may arise in a marital dissolution. Each case is handled with a results-driven approach and a hands-on and dedicated feel.
  • Divorce/ marital dissolution and legal separation actions
  • Property distribution and planning considerations
  • Consulting and counseling
  • Child custody issues
  • Domestic violence and abuse matters
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Post-divorce issues
  • Annulment
  • Paternity disputes
  • Adoptions
  • Guardianship issues
  • Grandparents rights

Common questions regarding Family Law...

What is your retainer fee for a Family Law case?

Family law retainer fees are very case specific. Family law is a wide umbrella that includes dozens of different scenarios and circumstance. Retainers are quoted based on the level of complexity of the case, the amount of time necessary to prepare, and the specific financial circumstance of the client. As always, it is my goal to make a client's legal experience fair and result-driven.

What is Colorado's 'No-Fault' policy as it pertains to divorce?

No-Fault means that the court does not want to hear mud slinging. I wrote a blog on this very topic.

How do I calculate child support in the state of Colorado?

Child support is calculate based on two main factors: 1 ) the number of overnights each party has per year, and 2 ) the monthly gross income of the parties. As you can imagine, the more number of overnights one parent has the children, the more parenting time they have, and the more need for support they will garner. Similarly, the amount of income each party has available weighs into the amount of total funds calculation based on expenses such as daycare and health insurance premiums.

How do I calculate alimony in the state of Colorado?

Alimony laws recently changed in Colorado. The court now has a presumptive amount and duration of spousal maintenance based on the length of the marriage and the need for spousal maintenance of the party requesting it. The legislature has issued guidelines to the courts of how long a term of spousal maintenance should last. The amount owed is roughly based on a calculation of 40% of the higher earner's gross monthly income minus 50% of the lower earner's gross monthly income.

How is the division of property and retirement accounts handled?

Property and retirement accounts (also considered property) is generally divided equitably. An equitable share of property does not necessarily mean 'equal'. The court is to consider the resources available to each party and the totality of the circumstances in the divorce or separation. Once that analysis is done, the court will craft a division of property that they feel is equitable, or "fair". The craft of the attorney comes in when convincing the judge of what division would be considered equitable.

Military retirement works a little different. Military retirement is less of a property division and more of an entitlement for the non-service member spouse. Generally speaking, military retirement is divided according to a formula that gives the non-service member spouse a share equal to the length of marriage divided by the total length of service.

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